IEA SHC Task Definition Meeting - Solar Powered Photo-Reactors

April 9, 2024

In the name of the Task Manager Bettina Muster-Slawitsch, and on behalf of the Subtask-leaders Victor de la Peña (IMDEA Energy, Subtask A), Sarah Meitz (AEE INTEC, Subtask B) and Sixto Malato Rodriguez (CIEMAT P.S.A., Subtask C) we would like to cordially invite you to our 2nd Task definition Meeting of IEA SHC “Energy Carriers from Solar Powered Photo-Reactors” to pave the way for the final establishment of this new IEA SHC Task.

As IEA SHC Task we establish an expert network over the next 4 years with regular exchange meetings, leveraging on worldwide projects in this field, sharing project results and stimulating expert discussions as well as further development of the technologies. IEA SHC tasks are known to result into new research agendas, position papers and common projects.

The 2nd meeting for the Task definition will take place physically in Graz (Austria) on9th of April 2024 (full day). Besides the possibility of networking among the different experts participating, the meeting will work on the development of 3 different subtasks, based on the input of each expert:

  • Subtask A: Materials and component development
  • Subtask B: Reactor Design
  • Subtask C: System integration

During the meeting, you will also have the chance to give insight into your (research) work and latest projects. Together we will then work out how they can be perfectlymatched with the Subtasks mentioned above, for their best possible exploitation.
As an outcome of the meeting, a 4-year working program for the Task will be finalized.

We also would like to highlight, that the meeting will be held around the international conference ISEC 2024 (, which will be hosted by AEE INTEC from 10th – 11th of April in Graz. Early-bird registration for the conference is still possible. The scientific programme is already out!

For meeting registration, please get in contact with Sarah Meitz ( by latest 29/02. You will be then be provided with further information on agenda, booking information, etc. A small cost fee of 75€/person will cover all organizational costs (meeting room, lunch, coffee services etc).
Looking forward to meeting you at our physical definition meeting of IEA SHC Solar Powered Photo-Reactors! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – Bettina Muster ( or Sarah Meitz (

Kind regards,
Bettina Muster-Slawitsch
Sarah Meitz
Victor de la Peña
Sixto Malato Rodriguez