NASEO’s Transportation Committee – 2020 Webinar Series (please click on link for additional details about each webinar)

September 8-November 17, 2020

Dates are subject to change, based on speaker availability

September 8, 2020: Webinar – State Financing for Alternative Fuels: Moving Beyond the VW Settlement
The Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust has provided states with unprecedented levels of funding to support alternative fuel vehicle deployment and infrastructure development. This has helped states achieve key goals for air quality, fuel and cost savings, and climate change mitigation by reducing the reliance on petroleum. Moving forward, many states are interested in supporting alternative fuels beyond funding provided from the VW Settlement. This webinar will look at funding sources being leveraged by states to continue funding alternative fuels. 

November 17, 2020: New Data Tools for Transportation Planning and Efficiency
With new technologies flooding the transportation market, and tools being developed to leverage large datasets in planning and analysis, there are new opportunities for private sector investment and data-driven policy and planning from State Energy Offices. This webinar will look at recent planning tools and technologies that States can leverage to reduce energy use, spending, and air emissions from the transportation sector.