Alternative Energy Credits (AECs): A Massachusetts-wide Financial Incentive for Qualifying Highly Efficient Heating Systems

June 12, 2019, 3:30 - 5:00 PM EST

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Webinar Description:

Massachusetts has a new incentive available for the owners of highly efficient heating systems called Alternative Energy Credits (AECs).  This incentive is available for qualifying air source heat pumps (including mini-splits), ground source heat pumps, solar hot water systems, and wood pellet and wood chip heating systems. In this webinar, we will cover what AECs are, how a system owner can obtain and sell their AECs and the eligibility requirements for the various technology types and sizes. We will also cover how to estimate how much money a system owner can receive through this incentive, average payments to system owners for various system types, and HCG’s role as an energy credit aggregator.


Sophie Theroux is the Renewable Energy Program Specialist at HCG, an energy credit aggregator located in Northampton, MA. She focuses primarily on Alternative Energy Credit aggregation. She has submitted over 300 qualifying Alternative Energy Credit applications to the Department of Energy Resources resulting in over 20,000 Alternative Energy Credits awarded to system owners.  Sophie received her B.A. in Environmental Studies from Amherst College in 2012.

Contact: Betsy Ames at 978.633.3013