Smart and Simple Residential Ventilation (Plus Tips for Commissioning)

April 24, 2019, 3:30 - 5:00 PM EST

Please join us for our April Webinar!


With homes being built tighter than ever, ventilation requirements - and the best way to meet them - are top of mind for many in the energy and housing industries. AirCycler offers a variety of easy, efficient methods to reach compliance and strives to ensure that those commissioning our systems do so with ease and confidence.

In this webinar we will cover best practices for ensuring proper installation of AirCycler systems, checking system settings, and entry into energy modeling software. We’ll also brief you on the AirCycler line - from exhaust ventilation to range hood depressurization solutions – and make sure you have the tools you need to perform ratings easily and efficiently.

Jason Wolfson is the founder and president of AirCycler, the industry's leading residential ventilation control provider. Jason has over 30 years of engineering experience and over 20 years of work in the residential ventilation market, developing a robust line of innovative residential ventilation controllers and solutions.

Carly Maltais is the Director of Marketing at AirCycler. Carly works closely with members and organizations within the energy and housing industries to understand trends and needs within the residential ventilation market, and to connect professionals and homeowners with AirCycler ventilation solutions.