Sparking the EV Transition: A Policy Toolkit for Local Government

September 12, 2018, 6:30 - 8:45 PM MT
CU SEEC Facility
4001 Discovery Drive, Boulder, CO, us
Boulder, CO

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With a lack of leadership on climate policy from the federal government, Colorado cities have a unique opportunity to lead on climate. Many cities have taken action on emission reductions, significantly improving air quality and paving the way for states to set more ambitious climate and electrification goals. Cities have led the way to cleaner energy in the electricity sector with ambitious renewable energy commitments, and they can do the same in the transportation sector by setting bold targets for electric vehicle (EV) adoption, and by implementing policies and strategies to kick the EV transition into high gear.

Speaker Biography:

Matt Frommer is an associate in SWEEP’s transportation program, which focuses on strategies to expand the adoption of electric vehicles, improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle fleet, and to reduce motor vehicle use. Matt received a Masters of the Environment in Sustainable Planning and Management from the University of Colorado in 2017. He focused his graduate studies on the electrification of rideshare fleets, and the expansion of electric-vehicle charging infrastructure in Colorado. Matt completed a capstone project with Rocky Mountain Institute’s Mobility Transportation team before joining SWEEP. Previously, he worked with Colorado’s rural communities to promote environmental education and stewardship, while also helping them diversify their local economies.