Introduction to Strategic Energy Management and Advanced Lighting Controls

July 17, 2018, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM EDT
University of Dayton
Room 52080
Dayton, OH

As one of the founding members of the Ohio Center for Industrial Energy Efficiency, we invite our clients to an energy efficiency workshop covering "Introduction to Strategic Energy Management" and “Advanced Lighting and Controls”. Participants attending the workshop will learn:

  • Fundamentals and benefits of Strategic Energy Management (SEM);
  • The latest improvements in advanced lighting and lighting system controls; 
  • How to get started.

Strategic Energy Management or SEM incorporates the principles of Lean for continuously improving energy performance at facilities.  The morning workshop provides key concepts of Strategic Energy Management and how SEM provides a holistic approach to facilitate a culture of continuous energy performance improvement at your site that will generate long term energy savings, reduce capital and to enhance system and equipment performance.

The afternoon workshop will review the current developments in the field of advanced lighting, particularly the newest approaches to lighting system controls. The combination of newer lighting products with advanced computer-based controls provide companies with powerful tools to reduce the operating costs of their lighting systems while providing improved lighting quality.

These sessions will benefit site management personnel, decision makers, and all site energy champions to foster best practices for SEM and advanced lighting systems and controls. The workshop will feature examples of how other sites are incorporating these approaches into their culture hurdles to drive actions for efficiency and cost reduction.

Contact: Larry Boyd at 216.323.1898