There's an App for That!

March 28, 2018, 3:30 - 5:00 PM EST

Please join us for our March Webinar!

One of the most popular sessions at RESNET for the last 2 years is now a webinar. We’ll cover some of the best apps / devices for testing and performing many of the required measurements for a Rating.

These are just some of the topics: measuring the house, automated diagnostic testing with geolocation, Manual J, SketchUp models and export measurements for rater software, and more. Over 40 apps and devices that can make you a more efficient Rater. This webinar is must for those who want to be on top of their game.

About the Presenter:

Joe Medosch {med-osh} – Healthy Home Building Science for Hayward Score and Executive Director of HHEA, Healthy Home Environment Association.

Master trainer and healthy home building scientist, his diverse background in multiple trades and provides a unique understanding of “The House as System.”  Joe has been a contractor since 1990 and a Comfort Consultant Trainer for over 15 years. He provides solutions on Healthy/Energy Efficient Home Performance.

Knowledge base: Building Science & diagnostics, Healthy Homes, IAQ/IEQ assessments, RESNET, ICC, BPI, SMACNA, ASTM …

Committees: RESNET Standard 380, Equipment Sub-Committee, and BPI multifamily standards development.

Contact: Betsy Ames at 978.633.3013