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IEA SHC Solar Academy Webinar - Price Reduction of Solar Thermal Systems

March 14, 2018, 2:00 - 3:30 PM GMT


Having the image of being too expensive to buy, too complex to install, too costly to maintain, solar thermal often loses the race against other offerings in today’s heating sector. How this trend can be reversed is one of the key questions of the SHC’s Task 54 “Price reduction of solar thermal systems”. This webinar will give information on the solar thermal value chain and highlight parts with the highest cost reduction potential. Task 54 experts explain economic and technological mechanisms that could change the price structure of current solar thermal systems decisively through five practical examples.

We invite all stakeholders to join the webinar scheduled for Wednesday, March 14, from 15 to 16.30 GMT.

This will be the fifth of a series of webinars organized by the IEA SHC Programme’s Solar Academy and hosted by the International Solar Energy Society. A recording of the event and the presentations from the webinar will be made available on the IEA SHC website,, after the live stream. Join us for a discussion about the opportunities and challenges future role of solar heat in urban environments.


1. Solar thermal value chain and cost reduction potential (S. Fischer, ITW)
2. LCOH calculation method (Y. Louvet, Uni Kassel)
3. Practical examples
       3.1. Reduction of production costs - Potential of polymeric materials (M. Meir, Aventa)
       3.2  Reduction of production costs - Potential of process cost optimization (A. Oliva, ISE)
       3.3  Cost reduction by standardization (S. Fischer, ITW)
       3.4  Cost reduction by temperature limitation (B. Schiebler, ISFH)
       3.5  Cost competitiveness of multi-family-house systems (F. Veynandt, AEE INTEC)
4. Wrap-up (M. Köhl, ISE)
5. Q&A (Moderator: S.Saile, ISE)

Webinar Recording

We understand that sometimes the time of the webinar may not suit people in many parts of the world. While we try to alternate webinar times to suit as many time zones as possible, it is not always possible. Therefore, we will post the recording of the webinar and the presentations, on the IEA SHC Solar Academy YouTube channel, the IEA SHC Solar Academy website and on the ISES YouTube channel

Questions & Answers

During the live webinar, there is a "questions and answers" session within the last 10 to 20 minutes. We plan to continue the conversation on LinkedIn (IEA SHC LinkedIn Group and ISES LinkedIn group)

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