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Distributed Generation Workshop

December 4, 2017, 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Yuma Community Center
421 E 2nd Ave
Yuma, CO

The rapid growth of on-site renewable energy in Colorado has concentrated in the more urban and suburban communities, leaving the rural and agricultural regions of the state underserved. Through collaboration between rural electric cooperatives, state and local officials, and distributed energy developers, an untapped market can be realized and lead to economic opportunities for all stakeholders. The Distributed Wind Energy Association presents a day-long workshop on distributed generation and northeast Colorado’s clean energy future.

Join us in December to receive an education on the fundamentals of distributed wind and solar and learn about the opportunities to leverage these renewable resources for local economic benefit. Interact and network with leading manufacturers, installers, rural electric cooperatives, and state and local policy makers. Hear from local farmers about why they chose on-site wind and better understand the ways you and your community can access these technologies. Learn from leaders in the industry to better understand on-site power and the current trends in the distributed generation industry in Colorado.

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